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Welcome to the world of TJ Global Shipping Co.,Ltd

TJ Global Shipping is one of the most powerful information services for the global dry bulk market. We are the primarily leader in providing tonnage position and open cargo as well as its full contact details.


"Customer Satisfaction..."

Our company goal "Customer Satisfaction",always drive every one of our staffs here to serve our clients better in order to exceed their expectations. In order to enhance the content of our information service, expertise here in bulk and marine field maintain good relation with different channel members, the only objective is to obtain the most updated and accurate market information on vessel particulars, positions, contact details of charterers as well as owners and operators. We maintain the same thing on the cargo side too.


"Flexibility for the fast changing market..."

We are daily updating over 1,000 vessel positions as well as cargo information on worldwide basis. Moreover, our clients can source information from us based on their targeted trading area or route. We believe our service is flexible enough to help our client to cope with their business needs in the fast changing market environment.


"Simplicity,user friendly and customer service..."

Simplicity and user friendly of our web platform assist clients to access our information easily. More important, the true value for using TJ Global Shipping is we are backing up with a team of customer service expertise. Every one of them maintain long term relation with operators and charterers in order to track down the most updated and accurate positions.


"Market exposure to global level..."

With our expertise knowledge and innovation, we are proud to develop an information service that can most satisfy to our client’s needs in order to assist them for fixing their tonnages or cargoes in a more efficient way. Moreover,our clients can able to increase their exposure not only to their existing market but able to expand their market to the global level.
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